Simple and straightforward – a classic

Whether it involves a new business establishment, a restructuring, or a spin-off, purchasing a shelf company is the simplest way of obtaining immediate legal capacity without the risks of liability. In order to streamline your task as a lawyer, we guarantee a fast and uncomplicated delivery through the use of our time-tested processes and contracts.

All of the companies are registered in the German Commercial Register (Handelsregister) and have not carried on any business activities whatsoever. The share capital is fully paid up at the time of sale, and the companies are guaranteed to be free of encumbrances and indebtedness.

Open to your special requests

Any special requests you may have will be dealt with by us in a flexible manner, be it the creation of a holding structure or a special form of the limited partnership known as the “Einheit-KG” prior to purchase.

If requested, we can also assist you with some of the more complex needs of your clients, such as providing the power of attorney of the registered managing director for a real estate transaction or for transactions under company law. Just ask us!

Transparent cost structure

VRB has a transparent price structure without any hidden costs. The nominal or share capital of the companies has been paid up in full and is completely undiminished at the time of sale.

In contrast to the products offered by many other providers, our companies are not being charged incorporation costs or additional surcharges.