Experienced and responsible

VRB Vorratsgesellschaften GmbH has sold over 4000 shelf companies since its incorporation in 2002. Its managing partners are duly admitted German lawyers who have been working in this specific area for many years. Together with their skilled legal and notarial assistants, they take personal responsibility for all of VRB's products.

Attentive and reliable

Because of the care we take with our work, our reliability, and the fact that we are always accessible to our business partners, our customers remain loyal to us. Our loyal customers include lawyers working in all areas of company law and real estate, many of which practice in large, international law firms. We also serve many customers from the future-oriented sectors of renewable energies and the internet.

Short and concise

Our documents are unrivaled in their shortness, precision, and conciseness. All of our documents and processes are continually updated to accommodate new legal developments. Special requests are dealt with by us in a flexible manner. All of our standard documents are of course bilingual - in German and in English.